Home Papa Homes

"Today's Impression - Tomorrow's Dream"

A Custom Home at a Price You can Afford

When you have made the decision to build a home, what do you do? Do you consult with a construction company or search for a qualified carpenter? Do you seek advice from friends and relatives? Or do you visit a Model Home Center to see the latest trends in standard design and construction? How about knocking on the door of an architectural and design office? How about knocking on the door of Home Papa Homes?

Home Papa Homes are built for a lifetime. Therefore, Home Papa Homes are designed and built to meet your personal needs, taste and lifestyle, unlike the like cookie cutter designed houses you see all over Japan. But design and construction are not the only factors considered in building a home.

For many families cost and other financial aspects are the biggest factors in building their dream home. Home Papa Homes can also support you in this area. Our homes are designed around your budget and can be built for a little as ten million yen. Even on a limited budget, you don’t have to skimp on your dreams. Designing a home that fits into your budget and fulfills your dreams is what Home Papa Homes is all about.