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"Today's Impression - Tomorrow's Dream"

Introducing Our Friendly and Talented Staff

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Junichi Koike - President and Head Architect
Through life long learning, world travel and a never-ending passion to please the customer and produce the best homes for the best price, our President, Junichi Koike, has developed his own unique sense of style. This style is displayed in every project he works on. He believes a home is a big part of ones life. Therefore, it is very important to design and build a home that will influence the occupants’ life in a positive manner.

Home Papa Homes has built over 200 homes for families and young couples. Each home is treated with passion, effort and care, in order to provide a home that offers a relaxing and cozy atmosphere. When we receive comments from our customers like, “Thank you for listening to our requests and building a house, which my family can enjoy. The comfortable living space always brings a smile to our faces”, we move forward with a fullness of heart. We will continue to build houses that create homes full of smiles.

Mr. Koike is also a member of AIA (The American Insitute of Architects), which gurantees a well desigend and strong home.
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Yoichi Yamazaki - Head Contractor
As the Head Contractor, Mr. Yamazaki is first and foremost concerned about the structural integrity of every home we build. But this is not his only concern. As with all the other Home Papa Homes staff, Mr. Yamazaki also takes pride in being part of the process of bringing a customer’s ideas to form. Not just “buying a house” but “creating a home” that satisfies the customer’s wishes and provides them a cozy and relaxing lifestyle.
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Takako Suziki - Head Interior Designer
By working intimately with each customer, learning more about their life goals and their vision of what the perfect living space would feel like, Takako is able to design homes and interiors, which suit the lifestyle of each individual customer. Her unique, supportive and friendly attitude creates close relationships with each customer and she enjoys keeping in touch with them long after completion of the project has been completed.
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Tomoko Kawakami - Interior Designer
Tomoko believes that interior designer’s job is to understand the customer’s image and make it into reality. The process of which is not simple or quick. It takes repeated meetings and conversations with the customer and through a trial-and error basis, together finalize the design. Making a home is major life event and should end with all participants smiling and appreciative of the process and more so, the outcome.
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Chris Oostyen - Overseas Consultant
Chris has lived in Japan for nearly 20 years, is a personal friend of the President, Mr. Koike, and has worked with Home Papa Homes since its inception. Before coming to Japan, Chris studied architecture and design and worked as a carpenter for several years. Although he now spends most of his time in the USA managing a golf course in Northern Utah, he often returns to Japan on business and spends his winters in Nagoya with his family.